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Psychotherapist writes a blog.

new born baby, black and white pic

This pictures draws me in and makes me smile. This is my second attempt at creating a website, actually my third and there is a small hope that I might be improving. But in the world of technology I still feel like a new born baby, not knowing quite what to make of the world around me and how to interact with it. What I have realized since writing my second book is that I like to write but am frightened and really dislike selling myself, so this website may remain a secret. If by some chance you are actually reading this do join my mailing list so you can know when I next post or follow my facebook page Em Farrell.

I chose this picture not only because we are programmed to be drawn to babies and I was but also because in my work as a psychotherapist my mind so often goes back to thinking about a person's beginnings and my own. It is not about thinking of what the body of a baby might have felt like to be in, although I love watching the delight on a baby's face when he or she succeeds in finding his or her feet, or some other surprising body part . It is rather the intensity of feeling that comes with being young that I am often preoccupied by.

A website is a strange thing. I have taught and supervised psycotherapists and counsellors for so long that I realise I don't know who will be reading this. Will it potential patients? Therapists who want further training? Schools who want me to come and give talks about body related matters or an organiser wanting me to give a talks at a conference?.

I think I can't possibly know what to write if I think about all of that. So that is why my blog is called my musings.

But back to the intensity of feelings that I am so preoccupied with. For me, psychotherapy is simple. The aim is to help people tolerate incredibly strong feelings. People may not even know these feelings exist, let alone that they are inside them. In order to change a person has to accept and be curious about how they keep the feelings at bay, when it is a safe time to experience them and how to have them. That is it really. It sounds so easy, but it is not.

It is one of the hardest things in the world to do and you need a safe pair of hands to guide you and a brave heart to risk engaging with the process. Having over 27 years experience working with people I never cease to be amazed at people's courage and I feel privileged to have been part of so many people's journeys.

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